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Marine in her human form in episode 74.


Student at the Urara School

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Red



Voice Actor

Tomo Sakurai

First Appearance

Episode 3: The Selfish Mermaid Marine! (anime)

Blood Type


Marine (マリン) is a character in the Akazukin Chacha series.


Marine in the original manga

Marine in the original manga.

Marine has peach colored skin with pink hair and dark red eyes. In both forms, she wears a light blue hair accessory in the middle of her hair.

In her mermaid form, Marine wears a red tube top and her tail is red with the ends of it being light pink. When she imitates Chacha's transformation as a Magical Princess while Riiya was still amnesiac at the time, Marine gains jewels and ornaments within her form and her tube top became silver.

In her human form, Marine wears a yellow orange dress, yellow buttons with a white collar, along with red flat shoes.


Marine is a very selfish mermaid who can change into a human when her tail dries on land, she has a massive crush on Riiya. However, when he turns into his wolf form, she cannot tell that it's him and always thinks that Chacha hides him from her.




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