Magical Princess
Magical princess holy up

Voice Actor

Masami Suzuki


Warrior of Love, Courage, and Hope

Magical Princess is the alter-ego which Chacha is able to transform into for the first half of the anime. She does so using 3 magical items kept for her by Seravy, two of which are wielded by her friends Riiya and Shiine. Chacha's amulet represents love, Riiya's bracelet represents courage and Shiine's ring represents hope.


The magical princess is actually the image of her lost mother, and gains several weapons to fight evil with:

While transformed, Chacha fights with weapons and does not cast magic like she does in her child form. In spite of lending their personal strength, Riiya and Shiine are able to fight and cast spells to support her.

This is effectively a separate character since it represents both Chacha and her mother.


  • Throughout the anime, the transformation process gets more and more sped up.


Magical Princess/Gallery

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